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  1. #1 HE'S BACK! "leveymg" has REPOSTED ALL Zimmerman's TRAFFIC TICKETS, 2005 assault 
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    Skinner had removed the original thread, but leveymg just can't help himself. He posts this all again. Hope you live in a glass house, leveymg.


    George Zimmerman had felony assault on police officer charge in '05 & 2 domestic assaults
    Note: the following information is public information available from public records about a public figure. It is not subject to the letter or intent of the DU rule that prohibits posting "private/personal information."

    You can do your own search here: Click: All Case Records Search. Next page enter Zimmerman George and DOB 10/05/1983 or do the look-up by the case date or number, as contained in the record extract posted above.

    If anyone has anything to say about this information being posted, please respond in the thread, below.

    Thank you.
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    They must not have liked the youtube that someone posted about Zimmerman being a Democrat, in fact I find no mention of him being a Dem anywhere , could be but I don't see it!
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