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  1. #1 My Rightwingnut Fauxzombie co-worker lost his mind today, 
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    My Rightwingnut Fauxzombie co-worker lost his mind today,
    ..after overhearing me and the rest of my left leaning co-workers talking about the Trayvon Martin shooting. He went into the usual rabid rightwing, teabagging, fundy, racist mode of discourse, you know... the mouth breathing, knuckle dragging, veins popping out of his neck and forehead mode, where he raises his voice talking "over" everyone, blurting out some nonsense about a "witness" that saw Zimmerman walk away from Trayvon, and that Trayvon actually followed Zimmerman to his truck and started the altercation, shortly followed by Trayvon beating the crap out of Zimmerman...which prompted the "self-defense" shooting....

    The rest of us were dumbfounded, looking at each other with our jaws on the floor.... Now I follow a lot of news sources (except you know what) and I may have missed something, but I don't recall hearing anything about this one?

    So I said "So this guy (Zimmerman), who's armed, and had at least 3 assault convictions (one involving a cop), who outweighed this unarmed 17 year old kid with skittles, by 25 lbs or more. Walked away from the situation, but was followed and attacked by Tayvon?

    His response "Yes - there was a witness"

    Me - "so there's this alleged witness whom none of us have heard anything about, makes a claim on probably a Faux affiliate makes this TRUE?!?! - are you SERIES!!!"

    Nutjob co-worker (with veins bulging out of his neck and face) shouts - "YES!! - It's TRUE"

    The rest of us just looked at each other and busted out laughing our asses off, there simply wasn't anything to say at that point

    Un-Fuckin-Believable.... The stupid BURNS!
    That's what you get when you listen to only left wing news sources, and refuse to even listen to objective news.
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    1. Why would someone act like the know everything about this case?

    Someone like this has surely spouted out this kind of rubbish and ultimately be proven wrong. Wouldn't you learn a lesson about being this sure of something and running your mouth off about it?
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    3. I had a similar conversation with a sly right-winger,I say sly because he didn't come

    right out and say he was. I then said..."Aaaah, you watch Fox news, right?" Didn't want to answer that either. He kept calling it the "shoot" and I kept correcting him with "No, it was murder."...He really didn't like it but kept on with his "new things are coming out about "the boy." This was the type of man who did not like to be contradicted in any way, especially from a female. As I was gathering my stuff to get away from this 80 some year old nut, I said "You know, you're going to have to start watching another tv station, get some truth in your life." I then sauntered off and left him to steam. Uppity white woman from New Jersey, is there anything worse?
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    4. I see now the threads already running here

    about the witness he was spouting it only took the killer and the negligent police dept a month to build some kind of excuse they can now hide behind....
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    7. It was originally printed and posted here at least a week back
    Right. About the same time the left went hysterical on this issue.

    It's the usual........we (the left) can accuse, slander and demonize someone, but if that person answers back it means that they are lying.
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    8. Why aren't right wingers taking Trayvon's side? Aren't they all about liberty and freedom?

    Wasn't Trayvon just minding his own business FREELY walking before he was stalked?

    Oh never mind, Trayvon is black. Right wingers will never take the side of a black person. it seems like all right wingers are now on the same page when it comes to this story. They are with Zimmerman and against Trayvon.
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    9. Zimmerman apparently doesn't have any 'assault convictions'...

    "When You Point A Finger At Someone Remember You Have 3 Pointing Back At You."
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    11. I just heard it on my local news show...

    ... as they were reporting about a rally for justice for Trayvon.

    They said this with straight faces, like it was actual fact... that
    Zimmermann said yes he was following Trayvon, but that he
    was walking away from Trayvon back to his truck when Trayvon
    attacked him and he defended himself rightfully according to the
    stand your ground law.

    The media everywhere is SO compromised. Why should anyone just
    take Zimmerman at his word.

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    12. Not unbelievable at all

    just ignorant, uninformed and happy to remain a 'moran'.
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    14. Spot on...

    We pound this "moran" with facts all the time and can't make a dent, GOP/right winger in a bubble syndrome, just no getting thru...

    He's a huge fundy/evangelical too, and when faced with the "what would Jesus do?" conundrum, he just acts like we didn't say anything... He's in complete denial of his own sociopathic/psychopathic ideology.
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