wingnut CAVERS have put up a false web site for Omaha Steve

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Go take a look. These attacks on Steve are the same kind of thuggery that has gone on for years. These are some of the same people that (they admit!) killed Andy Stephenson and (even today) characterize that campaign against Andy (gay, DU-er, voting rights activist) as a "job well done."

A web site was constructed when they attacked Andy. It was called "" and used false registration information for the domain name. It was owned by a man identified on DU at the time as Fred Grady, of Nebraska. "Fred" lives near to our Omaha Steve.

Now they are attempting to google bomb so that this site comes up when anyone looks for Steve's campaign site.

I want them to find just ONE of us that ever said exposing the Andy Stephenson fraud was "a job well done".