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    I generally bring something small to snack on throughout the day and just take a nap at lunch time. Going out to eat if I'm actually feeling hungry. If I worked in a more office environment with a kitchen area, I'd likely bring a lunch in just to be healthier.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NJCardFan View Post
    I'm not allowed to bring in anything but 2 bottles of water leaving me 3 choices: Prison food prepared by inmates, eating junk out of vending machines, or nothing at all for 8 hours(more if I get stuck at work). Since I'm diabetic, option 3 isn't a good one, however, it's usually the on I opt for.
    Wow, they aren't nearly that picky at my prison. The food has to be in a clear container (Subways here in town will wrap your sandwich in clear wrap when you come in in uniform), and recently they relaxed it down to where if the store bought food is in it's original, unopened package and can clear the metal detectors, it's good. Waiting patiently for someone to do something stupid and blow that one.

    The prison food sucks 99% of the time, but it's free. I keep a good supply of chips, cookies, sunflower seeds and other munchies for those occasional inedible staff trays, or the nights when you just can't get down to pick up a tray.
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    It depends on my shift and schedule.

    I try to bring at least one healthy snack with me to work and at work I mostly drink water.

    I have new job duties at work and I no longer work around graziers that eat all fucking day and that will include a few fast food runs...these are young girls and they keep having to buy larger clothes...everytime I purchase clothes, mine are smaller....I don't missing working side by side with those women...they were so freaking lazy and then the guy that did most of the work was the one that took the most heat....ha...they miss me now!
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