Here are some idiotic comments you see at news sites. Here is what the Somer Thompson case is about.

Some of these people are really ****ed up in their brains. They are stuck on stupid.

Jennifer Cori Brown Hubbard · Top Commenter · Atlantic Beach, Florida
I think we know that this shouldn't happened to Somer or any kid but now... This is going a little to far. What is she trying to get rich out of her daughters death.... She stays in the spotlight for some reason. What's next a book deal? I want to hear from Jared. I want a reporter to do a sitdown one on one with him as to what happened.

Scotty Boyforever · Top Commenter
Jennifer Cori Brown Hubbard , he had admitted before that he did something to her..but i agree about dienna trying to profit..many of us have called her out on that for a while now.,

Bucky Bowman · Top Commenter · Kenmore East High School
I know this woman had a terrible tradgey in her life, but is she just a publicity hound now?

Scotty Boyforever · Top Commenter
my god are yhey going to have a story every single day? the sicko killer is in prison...and she has made plenty of money off her daughters death.