There is a race war coming, folks. Mark my words and the wheels of this have been turning for some time and it's planned, not spontaneous. The Trayvone Martin case is just the fuse on this bomb. Obama and his cast of clowns have been building toward this since his campaign in 2008. Remember the comments about him not looking like the presidents on the dollar bill? The "clinging to guns and God" comment? Not to mention that ever since, any, and I do mean ANY criticism of Obama was deemed as racist on every level. And now this whole Martin shooting is the icing on the cake and the fuse is lit and it will explode in November if Dear Leader is not re-elected. The enraged blacks(the one's who were enraged in the first place and who are always enraged) are going to use his defeat as an excuse to riot all over the country. Mark my words. This WILL happen. And Obama and his collection of race pimps are going to be to blame.