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  1. #1 Police arrest 911 caller for claiming robbers had a gun 
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    Heard this story this morning and thought it was nuts, but the Pasadena PD is now up a creek because they shot an unarmed robber whom they thought had a gun.

    911 caller arrested after Pasadena police fatally shoot teen
    By staff and news services

    PASADENA, Calif. -- A 911 caller has been arrested after Pasadena police say his false armed robbery report led officers to shoot and kill a 19-year-old college student they believed to be a suspect.

    Pasadena Police Chief Philip Sanchez told reporters Wednesday that a deadly chain of events was set into motion after officers responded to a 911 call claiming a laptop had been stolen by two armed men.

    Caller Oscar Carrillo allegedly told officers that two suspects were armed with handguns on Orange Grove Boulevard at Raymond Avenue.

    The phone call put officers on alert and led them to believe Kendrec McDade was armed when they saw him about two blocks from that location Saturday night, Sanchez said.

    ....McDade ran from officers until an officer used the police cruiser to block McDade's path in an alley and rolled down his window, Lt. Phlunte Riddle said.

    McDade allegedly made a motion at his waistband and the officer opened fire. A second officer who was chasing McDade on foot also opened fire, Riddle said.....

    ...In an interview Monday with detectives, Sanchez said Carrillo admitted that he made up the story about the gun to speed up the officers' response. Detectives now believe McDade and the other person, a juvenile, were unarmed, Riddle said.

    Carrillo was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of involuntary manslaughter in connection with McDade's shooting, Sanchez said.

    The other suspect, a juvenile, has been charged with two counts of commercial burglary, one count of grand theft and one count of failure to register as a gang member as a condition of his probation. He remains in custody....[/quote]

    Something called the "Los Angeles Urban Roundtable" is bent out of shape. The living burglar is a gang member on probation, but the dead burglar was "a good kid who was never in trouble." McDade was involved with the football program at a local high school.

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    Wow! What else can you say?
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