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Ok from video consistencies and inconsistencies.
Yes, it was raining, so the jacket is wet. That is consistent.

Oh and yes, police processing is always that business like, so that did not raise any alarms.

Now to the list of what does not fit

1- Noses and heads bleed like pigs...yes, yes they do...not one stain, unless it was a downpour of biblical proportions. Oh wait, it was raining, but nothing close to a biblical downpour. The rain shoud have made the blod stains larger. Blood does bleed, no pun.

2- Speaking of rain, if I were involved in a scuffle...can you say mud?

3- Zimmerman's shirt is tucked in. I don't know how many of you have seen people after a fight, but tucked in is not exactly what comes to mind. And that is the big inconsistency. Of course he could be dapper and tucked his shirt in after he shot Trayvon, before the cops showed up...that raises other questions.

4- Where there is blood, there are funny blue medical gloves. Something 'bout AIDS and Hepatitis, or did we go back to the Pre 1985 days? Notice non of the officers are wearing any of those. There is evidence contamination at play as well, but blood, where are them Gloves?

Ummm...yeah sure

I bet she broke her keyboard in half responding to this:

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11. I don't take issue with your experience with universal precautions.

But you are being careless with your language with HIV and Hepatitis, and continue to do so in your response to me.

But thank you for continuing to keep me employed as a Health Literacy Treatment Educator. No need for a history class from you. I'm sure I've got a lot more knowledge than you on these issues.

Sometimes it's better to stop acting like the expert and realize you can learn from others.