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Fri Mar 30, 2012, 10:46 AM

My Message To The Forum And Why I Am So Critical Of The GOP

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I am fairly new to the forum here. I have said a lot of controversial and even somewhat instigative things. I have good reason to feel the way I do and here is why.

First I am a Vietnam veteran and served with the First Cavalry Division. I saw us lose a lot of good people. One was my Captain Michael Nawrosky one of the finest bravest and considerate commanders I ever had. I was his company clerk at the time. He was wounded near Khe Sahn during the relief operation Pegasus in March 1968. He died in surgery a few months later at Walter Reed in 1968. He was a West Pointer and would have been a four star general. We lost our battalion commander that day and his helicopter. His XO was captured and tortured. We suffered nearly 30 killed in our battalion during the relief effort for Khe Sahn, which was abandoned shortly after we broke the NVA. I had to go into a tent with 30 killed to identify our company dead from that operation. It was the worst day of my life. I was absolutely furious when I left that area. 30 minutes later we started getting artillery fire from the NVA. Thanks to our air they spotted and obliterated the enemy artillery.

He did not believe in sacrificing a single soldier. He believed in battle field prep where there was no resistance. Like Omar Bradley he was a soldiers commander. Protect them at all costs first. Then subdue the enemy. It was not like Bush who pretty much killed so many of our troops with inadequate equipment and a phony war. He is one evil bastard and so is Cheney.

The GOP killed WWI vets running them out of Washington because they wanted their bonus. They apposed the GI Bill after WWII. Nixon vetoed a GI Bill in 1970. They have apposed every single vet issue that takes care of vets. They intend to turn the VA system and Tri care into a voucher (coupon) system for private insurance company. Bush and Rumsfeld had plans to turn MASH units in Iraq and Afghanistan to private contractors. THE GOP HAS SCREWED VETS EVERY SINGLE TIME. God D. those bastards. They salted a lot of RW people in the VA to deny vets their disabilities. The GOP still apposes vets care and they will scuttle it. Of course they will hide that to the very end.

Bush left thousands of RW people in government to muck up the works. When you are in programs like I was you see a lot more than the average guy. Obama has mistakenly left too many Bush people in place.

I will never accept a country run by the GOP racist bigot woman hating worker hating party. They are the enemy and will always be the enemy as far as I am concerned. I would never salute a criminal like Romney except with a certain finger right to his face. He is a dangerous sociopath. The quality of all their canididate is like going to an insane asylum for recruits.

There is another reason why I hate the GOP so much.

I worked at DOL for 24 years at DOL in many programs from welfare to work to being at a homeless shelter for 4 years part tiem doing my job. All I ever heard was attacks from GOP POS. Reagan killed the National Employment Service started by FDR. The county programs that replaced it are a joke and a crime. Welfare reform is a crime and Clinton was an idiot for signing it.

I look at the labor and employment situation through a different lens than most people. The GOP, big business, conservatives, the rich, and the US Chamber has completely wrecked the structure labor and employment system in this country. It will take a generation to replace what the union movement brought to the worker in the last 100 years.

Given time the GOP will turn us into a Somalia. We are headed for an economic Armageddon if we give them any more power.

Here is a future I will guarantee for workers if the GOP gets its way. They will end all labor laws including minimum wage. They will end all domestic programs and turn them over to the churches. Full time employment will come to end and will be replaced with "contract employment". A significant number of jobs are already contract.The GOP will accomplish its goal of employee free corporations.

The GOP started the outsourcing and will expand it exponentially under Romney. The Democrats are forced to go along by fear of huge money that will bury them. Under Bush we lost millions of jobs to outsourcing. Romney even outsource state jobs to India when he was governor.

I interviewed thousands of people during my career. I watch the slow death of our labor and employment system. I saw so many people screwed by greedy American employers that it made me sick. And Bush pretty much wrecked everything. He was the most anti union and anti worker president in history. The Bush family is scum and Prescott Bush traded with Hitler.

What amazes me is that since Bush the GOP has gotten exponentially worse. They salute the Chinese flag and not the American flag. Every effort the the Democrats have made to slow the outsourcing has been scuttled by the GOP.

Any party who viciously attacks women, children, veterans, workers, the disabled, the helpless, the sick, seniors, homosexuals, transgenders, all minorities and furry little things (the environment) deserves political extermination. They hide behind the flag and use religion to promote evil, division and hatred. The GOP is not pro life they are pro murder. They are the defenders of Mr. Zimmerman

I could go on and on but I will stop here. All I can say is if I could mind meld with this forum with the experience I have and what I see from a labor and employment standpoint, everyone would be incensed. The GOP as it is now HAS ABSOLUTELY NO REDEEMING HUMAN VALUE WHATSOVER. Just read that a hole Ryan's budget. And these sick pieces of garbage passed that budget. And Romney embraced it.

Personally I look at all Republicans like I did the VC or NVA in Vietnam. They are not the solution to any of our problems. THEY ARE THE PROBLEM. And they are as mortal an enemy as a party now than anything else we have faced. All anyone with any common sense has to do is to think and reflect what we will have if they achieve ALL of their agenda. They have already pretty much scuttled the future of the younger generation.

I realize that I am going take some criticism here and some of it may well be deserved. But I am just sick of watching so much destruction, hatred and division being pushed by the RW and the GOP for the last 32 years. We have to stop these people dead in their tracks in this election cycle and throw them all out of office if we can. We cannot give up the country to the likes of the "religious wrong", the oligarchs and the GOP. They are saboteurs, provocateurs, and obstructionists.

What I have said is why I am so adamantly against anything GOP. I hear the hatred of Obama every day I go to play golf where I live and I am just more than tired of it. I still do not like things Obama has done but he is all we have right now. I am very worried about this election.
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