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Sexist gun ads showing blonde, full breasted, mini-skirted woman pointing a pink gun
My lifetime NRA, gun/amo mag subscribing, husband thinks these mags are geared to women!!!!!! What a crock. They are appealing to MALE fantasies. Women with guns look like that and are sexy! I find them very offensive as a feminist, and older woman. See, ladies, if you buy our PINK GUN, this is what you will look like!!!! Didn't look like that at 23, and most certainly will not at 63.

If I ever were to consider buying a gun, it most certainly wouldn't be pink, and definitely not because some sexy "babe" is try to sell me that way.

Male fantasies. They gear these guns and ads all to male fantasies. Actually, I find this whole gun culture, not only dangerous, but extremely insulting as a woman. Yes, being married to a gun supporter. Tell me, about the NRA and their literature. It goes in the garbage if I get the mail first.

BTW, I just joined the Brady Campaign today. Never thought twice about it in the state of NY, but since living in Florida with all their lax gun laws and lives threatened by it, I felt compelled to. Yes, as the wife of an NRA memeber. Bet they would never consider THAT, would the
This is the funniest thread I have seen in a long time. The rest of the Duers in the Guns forum really take here to task on this one. Several post embedded videos of sexy ads selling hamburgers, soap, chips, Hooters, etc.

What kind of man would put up with a woman who throws his magazines away before he gets them? My wife reads my American Rifleman too.