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That is a circular argument. You are saying that bar is arrest and after arrest, nothing is unreasonable. If that were the case, nothing is unreasonable, period. All that is required is arrest.

I think that argument was lost with Atwater v City of Lago Vista. Arrest is very, very easy.

On a side note, that decision was during that time after Bush v Gore where the Court mixed things up a bit to get rid of the partisan taint. Souter actually wrote that one.

I am not really arguing whether the arrest was warranted (so to speak). I believe you are correct and the officers were in the right. This is more of an ideological enigma for me. I am looking at what I consider a conservative position, limits on the action of the State, and seeing the so-called conservative wing of the Court refusing to place any reasonable limit on the State when it comes to police powers.
I rarely agree with you, but this is one time where I believe you to be correct. Karma to you.