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  1. #1 UW sanctioned 20 doctors for writing sick notes for protesters 
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    Via Ann Althouse;

    UW-Madison sanctioned 11 faculty doctors and nine residents for writing sick notes for protesters last year, with three doctors receiving the harshest discipline: loss of five days of pay and removal from leadership positions for four months.

    All 20 doctors had to attend an ethics seminar after writing sick notes during Capitol Square protests against Gov. Scott Walker's collective bargaining bill in February 2011.

    Details of UW-Madison's disciplinary actions were revealed Thursday in records obtained by the State Journal under a public records request made last year.

    Drs. Kathy Oriel, Lou Sanner and James Shropshire lost five days of pay and leadership positions for four months.

    Drs. Mark Beamsley and Hannah Keevil lost three days of pay. Drs. Jennifer Edgoose, Andrea Martonffy, Laurel Mark, Beth Potter and Melissa Stiles lost 1.5 days of pay. Dr. Bernard Micke was fined $500.

    The residents, or doctors-in-training, received written reprimands. They are: Drs. James Bigham, Meaghan Combs, Jessica Dalby, Neal Goldenberg, Ronni Hayon, Patrick McKenna, Jackie Redmer, Sridhar Srivani and Nathan Valentine.

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    loss of five days of pay and removal from leadership positions for four months.
    That wasn't even a slap on the hand and will not deter this behavior in the future.
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    Well, you have to admit, some of these people did appear to have mental issues!
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