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  1. #1 The pilots ejected with the plane aimed towards a residential area 
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    The pilots ejected with the plane aimed towards a residential area? [View all]

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    Really? Gee, I was under the impression that that was a no-no.

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    I guess everything has to be spelled out here these days:

    My POINT was, that a jet crashing into a residential neighborhood wherein the pilots have ejected is dereliction of duty. When the military apologists come to explain why it wasn't, we'll all have a good time here excoriating them. And there'll be the usual DU stuff... -sigh--

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    God what a dumbass!
    Lets just paint some happy clouds over at the sunshine and lollipop land
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    It's certainly someone that doesn't understand jets, flying or crashes. The attempt to insinuate pilot error is laughable. The aircraft is an old F-A 18 jet and these jets tend to have maintenance issues. Maintenance problems were blamed for two recent San Diego crashes in 2009 and 2011. There are also, apparently, issues with replacement parts, many of which are coming from China. Senator Carl Levin (D) is actually looking into these defective parts, another example of the Chinese companies producing substandard crap (like lead-paint toys and chemically-laced pet food).

    The pilots, who were in training, probably did the best they could. What orders they were being given from the base remains to be seen.
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