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Let me tell you about a little girl my wife is treating.
I've mentioned before that my wife is a psychologist. She mainly specializes in children, but does see some adults. One of the cases she currently is working on is a little girl (4 years old) who was repeatedly sexually abused by her father. So many things wrong with this poor little girl. Inappropriate boundaries and touching, etc. She'll point to a man's groin and say "kiss it". She'll likely need years and years of counseling due to the severity of the case. She also has a little brother (3 years old) who they've surmised witnessed some of the abuse and will model the behavior. He'll pull down girls pants and try to molest them, etc.

My wife has made mention that this case mirrors some of the adult women she has seen who have engaged in stripping, escort, etc. So next time you think those girls are expressing their freedom, being independent, or whatever other euphemism you want to use just remember where she likely came from.

I'm just glad my wife is there to help girls and boys like this.

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3. HIPAA suggests you shouldn't even know this.

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Even without identification, patients aren't supposed to be discussed publicly or even with family. Just saying, I take the medical privacy of patients very seriously.

Secondly behaviors are likely after such occurrences, however you are trying for an inverse relationship that simply isn't true to the 100% you're attempting to make it.

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Thu Apr 5, 2012, 02:06 PM

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7. Yeah, I know. Technically, she shouldn't even discuss this with me.

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But she needs a release and I figure we are far enough removed at this point to be sufficiently anonymous.

Where do you think the classic cliche of "daddy issues" come from?