9. Jeez...
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I guess everything has to be spelled out here these days:

My POINT was, that a jet crashing into a residential neighborhood wherein the pilots have ejected is dereliction of duty. When the military apologists come to explain why it wasn't, we'll all have a good time here excoriating them. And there'll be the usual DU stuff... -sigh--
And right on cue in jumps "Maverick" nadin:

12. I think your second, non political explanation,

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Is far more likely.

We had an F-18 go down two years or so ago here in La Jolla. It flattened a home, killing five.

When the investigation was over...yup pneumatic failure, lack of stick control.

If I were the Navy, I'd check every fighter in the fleet if indeed this is the problem. Could be a defect.