How do you wear your hair?

My hair is thick and wavy and unruly. Whenever I let it grow out, I end up looking like a Sphynx because of it's thickness. I've always been a pretty good hair stylist. I've always styled and trimmed my mother's hair and usually do my own bangs. Today, I decided to give myself a haircut. I know an old trick on cutting layers in your hair by bringing all your hair to the front when it is wet, from the back, and I took off an inch. That's how I layered the back. Then I took my scissors and layered the sides by angling the scissor down. Then I cut long bangs.

I have to say...I am VERY happy of the way it came out. I like it better than when it's done professionally. I also colored it myself.

I have always gone to a very nice salon and spa and payed hundreds and hundreds of dollars for my cuts and color. The type of spa that serve their clients wine and strawberries while waiting color. Since my daughter I've found it difficult to leave her for 3 hours to get my hair done. Since this trial cut and color came out great...I think I will start doing it myself unless I want a specific cut.