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This is why we must prevail in the Zimmerman SYG argument.
If this becomes a precedent setting case, we must prevail. Zimmerman's side is going to push the point that he isn't racist and that he had a right to defend himself. That he was a racist or not shouldn't be allowed to be a factor in the decision, because in the end, what people will remember is that he became the aggressor, chased down Trayvon Martin and was still allowed to get away with killing him based on SYG.

So this is what I've been thinking all morning: Let's say Zimmerman wasn't a racist. What do you think the real racists are going to do based on the decision if they know they can chase down black kids and killed them knowing they won't even have to be held accountable for manslaughter?

It's a slippery slope that shouldn't be allowed on the books.

In other words.....we must lie and distort the truth so that we can further our agenda....