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    If you thought DU was insane. There is YouTube, which makes DU look sane.

    homey788 (2 weeks ago)
    9 11 was a conspiracy
    MrAsifNawaz (2 weeks ago)
    blackmax u idiot Allah is the grestes of All say Allah Ho Akbar....ALLah give him long life to taliban bcoz if taliban is live so amirica is down .loser

    shirteesdotnet (1 year ago)
    If you watch Alex Jones movie "TERRORSTORM" you will see a BBC reporter in England saying the WTC7 tower had already collapsed, yet when he went to his on-scene reporter in NYC reporting the 911 events, you can CLEARLY see WTC7 still standing in the background!!!! Talk about inside job. Even the Brits had prior knowledge of 911.

    seekeroftruth911 (1 year ago)
    the answer is simple corn, 1. a reason to go to war. 2. the WTC was asbestos infested and needed renovated. 3. wtc 7 months before was insured by new owner larry silverstein and recieved 3.5 billion dollars. if you call those computer graphics clear then you must be on serious drugs. see september clues, loose change among many others for the real truth.

    niugui (9 months ago)
    and Hiroshima and Nagasaki dont???

    curtiswashik2 (3 weeks ago)
    real talk. canadians know whats right.. americans are brainwashed into what their parents, presidents, and teachers say. BELIEVE WHAT YOUR EYES AND EARS SAY. dont be ******* stupid, and do a little research other than fox news.

    giantsfan457 (3 weeks ago)
    the goverment did it

    usistheromanempire (1 year ago)
    The real Terror is coming from the US government and the Federal Reserve. Educate yourself on the Federal Reserve and their role in the events around the world since 1913.

    Starwind18020 (1 year ago)
    All of you who think it was an inside job:


    Someone with reason.

    jacobmorell (3 weeks ago)
    if Al gore where elected president in back in 2000 there would be no 9/11 Bush let it happen
    TheTodd1977 (3 weeks ago)
    America planted terrorism in the world, they sowed the seed... America by their own admission has more than 5000 terror organizations.. Let's not forget the K.K.K.
    Uh, there are many leftist and Communist terrorists ya MORON! ALF, ELF, Che Guevara and Carlos the Jackal come to mind.

    venturafor2012 (7 months ago)
    1.The Twin Towers fell at free fall

    2.WTC 7 collapsed in under 7 seconds (free fall speed)

    3.NORAD did not launch any fighters to intercept any of the four hijack planes

    4.The 18 foot hole in the Pentagon before the outer wall collapsed

    5.Nine of the 19 hijackers have been confirmed ALIVE
    9/11 Truthers regurgitate the same stuff over and over.

    deeman1019 (1 year ago)
    bush is a war criminal
    Bitter, huh?

    fawks0512 (1 year ago)
    Hiroshima + Nagasaki death toll = 220,000 +

    9/11 death toll = 3,000 +

    Who are the real killers ? US Govt ? or Terrorists ?
    Why the obesession with Hiroshima?

    Okpakok (1 year ago)
    flameineon7...please! nuke your own government first b4 nuking anyone else! the US gov't is very corrupt! I feel bad for the american people who are judged by the acts of their own government. Your gov't owns billions of dollars..and how did they get this? Blood money of innocent people around the world! They are no different than the Mob.
    youguystube (1 year ago)
    Americans are the most selfish racists. They only treasure their lives and their own country's benefit. Their government seizing all the crops to make fuel and to worsen the global starvation and lacking of food, it is totally immoral. Why God let 911 happen?? Obviously it is God's curse to america. America is to collapse like WTC.

    kropoktin (1 month ago)
    get over it.. 20000 children die every day of hunger and illnesses that can easily be cured. Dont se no videocompilation of their destiny. Of course 9/11 is a tragedy, but what about some perspective?
    Uh, have you heard of wars in Third World nations, moron?

    ceo925 (1 year ago)
    man who are you tellin, I'm not a beligerent guy, but I feel thats the only way we can get rid of the cave dwellers that did this..but its times like these we just gotta keep our faith in God/Allah or whoever you put your faith into to gives us the strength to find forgiveness in ourselves for those that wish us harm, as hard as it is(damn near impossible). But forgiveness is what makes us better men, because if we was to nuke them, then we're nothing more than terrorists ourselves.
    Hey FUCKTARD! Forgiveness has to be EARNED YOU MORON! Your are so fucking ignorant and naive! Don't be Pollyannish! America is not guided by religion.
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    Tree rats are watching you
    Let it go Ptarmy. There will always be idiots
    Government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem.
    Ronald Reagan

    We could say they are spending like drunken sailors. That would be unfair to drunken sailors, they're spending their OWN money.
    Ronald Reagan

    R.I.P. Crockspot
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    Quote Originally Posted by Apache View Post
    Let it go Ptarmy. There will always be idiots
    I know. It's just fun to make fun of idiots.
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    yeah,most of the comments on Youtube are pretty derpy.

    like a person posting something like this on almost all hard rock/metal videos

    "you listen to lady gaga,i listen to slayer

    you listen to 50Cent,i listen to kiss"

    People should tell those who post such things to be quiet.
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