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George Zimmerman Debuts Website, Requests Funds For Trayvon Martin Case
by Frances Martel | Mediaite
8:04 pm, April 9th, 2012


George Zimmerman, the man who shot Florida teenager Trayvon Martin, is finally breaking his silence. The website “TheRealGeorgeZimmerman.com” went live today with what alleged to be a personal statement from Zimmerman and a request for donations to pay his lawyers. The website appears to be incomplete, however, as it only a few minute ago acquired an American flag background and boasts links titled “My Race” and “The Facts” that don’t work.

The home page, formerly a simple white, now an American flag, has a Paypal link and a message from Zimmerman:


You can guess the vitriol in the responses. A sample:

Kalidurga (1,312 posts)
3. The prosecutor might be very interested in that website if they ever get it up an running...

pretty much proves Zimmerman's crime was more likely than not racially motivated.

Justice wanted
5. sick. Crazy and what's more crazy is that HE will end up with some some sort of reality show or

book deal with the way our culture in america is today.

Especially if he ends up charged with man 1 or 2 instead of murder 2. I've been seeing post here and other sites that under FL law in order to charge Murder 1 you need a grand jury indictment.

So with the way our society is Fucked up he's going to end up with 15 minutes of fame while the heart of the matter. The death of a seventeen year old unarmed child walking home isn't safe to do that because a gun toting racists can shoot him and HE is protected by a law created by the NRA and ALEC.

Baitball Blogger
14. Not bad for a traumatized, depressed individual who is suffering from PTSD.

When I was feeling my lowest I could barely get my thoughts together long enough to brush my teeth. And he was able to set up a website, a paypal account and put together a kick ass pitch.

I want his meds!

15. All grist for the massive civil lawsuit Martin's family should bring against Zimmerman.

And the City of Sanford, as well.