Big Cheers for Bill Clinton!

By Matthew Weaver

I’ve got to admit that I cracked a big smile upon reading Jonathan Martin’s Politico report Monday that Bill Clinton has invited John McCain to give opening remarks live at his Clinton Global Initiative annual meeting later this month. Barack Obama is also invited but, on the other hand, is relegated to speaking to a plenay session via satellite!

Just what is the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI)? Established in 2005, CGI bills itself as “a non-partisan catalyst for action that brings together a community of global leaders from various backgrounds to devise and implement innovative solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges.” (Visit their Web site to read more about what they are doing and their accomplishments.)

The 2008 annual meeting in New York City anticipates hosting “more than 130 leading CEOs and over 50 current and former heads of state.” No mention of either George Bush 41 or 43.

News online about CGI, Clinton, McCain, and Obama is sparse. Aside from Jonathan Martin’s report, and the CGI press release, there is not much written online. Time magazine reports simply that both are participating, “Obama by satellite.”