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    Black Foot Soldiers Across Nation Praise Rev. Al Sharpton's 3/31/2012 Trayvon Martin Rally

    Black Foot Soldiers Across Nation Praise Rev. Al Sharpton's 3/31/2012 Trayvon Martin Rally in Sanford & remind people of color across nation to remember: "ALL WHITES R RACI-AL TERRORISTS. WHITES W/GUNS R RACIAL TERRORISTS. WHITE SO CALL-ED 'POLICE' RACIAL TERRORISTS; "We have the right to protect & defend ourselves from white racial terror. If you value your life, never stop for a so-called white 'police officer'. White America is injustice & injustice should be hated. Yet how we must encourage Soldiers everywhere not to do everything they can vandalize white pepoles' property & not get caught until justice for Trayvon is found & restitution for their generational race crimes is made. Oh, how we'd hate for that to happen" - New York Black Foot Soldier Caesar Stuyvesant


    Reaping the harvest we have sowed.
    Yep, Obama and liberal racists and race baiters are reaping the harvest of hatred they sowed.
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    1. I HATE this sh!t! We're better than this and I REFUSE to buy into this. the MAJORITY of black

    folks DO NOT believe in this and are disgusted by this. Many of us have mixed families.

    THIS IS WRONG, Frodos!
    Well Ecumenist YOU might be better than this but many many liberals are not, including Holter and Obama. If they were better than this they would be arresting the New Black Panthers who put out a Wanted Dead or Alive poster and press conference on Zimmerman, and they would be calling for toning down of the violent rhetoric against Zimmerman and the police. They would be calling out the black mobs that play the "knock out" game and intimidating neighborhoods. But they aren't doing that because they agree with it. It's worth it in order to get the black voters hatred stoked up to go out and vote for Obama.
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    2. I realize the NBPP and the National Black Foot Soldiers are considered extremists

    Their methods and statements violent and frightening to white people. Maybe that is what we need? Perhaps white people need to wake up and try a taste of the poison we have been pouring down other people's mouths?

    Perhaps it is time we wake up and pay the reparations due without complaint or resistance?
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    2) I think FrodosPet is a fake poster (probably a conservative) sent here to make this site look bad.
    No my poor DUmmy, you don't need infiltrators to do that. You poster at DU do a good enough job making yourselves look bad without any help at all.
    Solve a man's problem with violence and help him for a day. Teach a man how to solve his problems with violence, help him for a lifetime - Belkar Bitterleaf

    Liberalism is what the stupid think is smart.
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