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  1. #1 Man arrested in Baltimore St. Patrick's Day beating 
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    WASHINGTON - A man has turned himself in after he was linked to the beating of a man in downtown Baltimore on St. Patrick's Day -- an attack that was caught on video and went viral.

    Aaron Parsons, 20, of Rosedale, was arrested Friday night, police said. His attorney tells the Baltimore Sun that he turned himself in. Social media posts over the past week have linked him to the attack.

    Investigators looked to the local community and nationwide for information leading to this arrest.

    "It was the help of community intelligence from people as far away as California calling Baltimore police, helping is us out and identifying potential suspects in this vicious attack," says spokesman Anthony Gugliemlmi.

    In the video, a crowd laughs as the victim is punched in the face. The crowd then strips him naked and takes his belongings, including his car keys, watch and phone.

    Parsons is charged with assault, robbery and other crimes.

    There are some disturbing images in the video.

    Well I guess we need to get all of our white activist reverends together and protest for a hate crime charge!
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