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    Quote Originally Posted by NJCardFan View Post
    And considering that this is your best response just goes to show that with you libs, when you're losing an argument you resort to ad hominem attacks and name calling.
    Do you even know what ad hominem is? It really doesn't sound like it. An ad hominem would be "you are a sick person and should get help" but even in this case I am being genuine. It also doesn't sound like you know what "losing an argument" means. But I will enumerate the logic flaws of your previous post.

    Quote Originally Posted by NJCardFan View Post
    Typical liberal response.
    Logical Flaw #1 - The term "typical" means normal, average, something that occurs with regular frequency. Your assertion that it would be cool/fun to pay to watch someone suspected of hacking a county website subjected to torture is extremely out-there. In fact it would be impossible for any response to be "typical." By definition any response to your statement would be atypical, because it's not a common argument.

    Logical Flaw #2 - The definition of liberal is not "people who disagree with me."

    Quote Originally Posted by NJCardFan View Post
    The guy is a terrorist no different than Al Qaeda. They use bombs, he uses a computer.
    Logical Flaw #3 - You said there was no difference, and then you just listed a difference.

    Logical Flaw #4 - This guy isn't a terrorist, because his purpose isn't to spread terror- you don't spread terror by hacking a county website. He is a vandal. He vandalizes things online. Basically if you want to make this guy out to be a terrorist, then you are saying any sort of common vandal or graffiti artist should be subjected to torture for your amusement. Sadly I wouldn't put it past you.

    Logical Flaw #5 - He's still only a suspect. He hasn't been convicted of any crime, he has only been alleged to commit crimes. So even if he was a terrorist, he would be a suspected terrorist.

    Quote Originally Posted by NJCardFan View Post
    This guy and his butt buddies at Anonymous are responsible for hacking incidents that have cost some companies millions of dollars.
    Logical Flaw #6 - Digital property crime isn't terrorism. It is deeply flawed to equate 9/11 to defacing someone's website.

    Logical Flaw #7 - Anonymous is basically an anarchist movement. You realize that "Anonymous" was also responsible for finding ways to get Iranian dissents the Internet and helped get news out of Egypt. Even there motto says "Anonymous is everyone. Anonymous is no one." If there is any case where it's dumb to apply guilt by association, it's with Anon.

    Quote Originally Posted by NJCardFan View Post
    Sony for one.
    Logical Flaw #8 - Internet attacks against a large corporation's public facing site isn't terrorism. In fact, agree or disagree, the whole point of attacking Sony was to expose to the public their extremely poor security (it was like walking through an open door) around users credit cards and data. The attacks against Sony were to raise awareness in the public about Sony's poor handling of user data. Again, not saying you should or have to agree with it. But it's completely retarded to call this terrorism

    Quote Originally Posted by NJCardFan View Post
    And, yes, I'd pay to see him waterboarded. Hell, I'd pour the water, until he gives up his compatriots.
    Logical Flaw #9 - It is impossible to give up names in an anonymous organization

    Quote Originally Posted by NJCardFan View Post
    You, of course, champion his cause.
    Logical Flaw #10 - This is perhaps your most deeply flawed idea - that people who disagree with a private citizen paying money to torture a suspected criminal for his own amusement means that one champions crime. That is the sickest, most disturbing notion.

    Now back to the more recent post...

    So tell me, if you caught a member of Al Qaeda, what do you do with him? Well, Anonymous is a terrorist group just as dangerous and one was just arrested. He gets treated accordingly.
    Well, first off I am not a member of federal law enforcement, nor am I a member of the military so I have no jurisdiction to detain/kill/torture individuals in my neighborhood because I think they belong to Al Qaeda. However, if society catches a suspected member of Al Qaeda we should probably first determine whether this individual should be indicted in court or in a special military tribunal, and in my mind this probably is probably a combination of where was caught and what he is suspected of doing, and also his nationality. Anonymous is not Al Qaeda... it's just absurd. Anon is a lot of things, but they don't blow up buildings. You are basically doing the exact same thing that people on DU get called out here for -- making an absurd comparison, and then drawing conclusions from it that don't make any sense.
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