Have you ever gotten scared when you heard a man raise his voice

He's yelling about his situation his wife and his family.

Mad because I don't agree with him in his politics.

I know how that feels, I will get scared, let him raise his goddamn voice, run if I have to, and still say the same thing.

He's white. And old. and feeling entitled. And a bitch to deal with.
Was he fat, Christian and driving a pickup too? Or was he Howard Dean?


24. Good points
And thank you. I lost it and shouted that I didn't give a shit if they taxed Mitt Romney so hard that he was handing out dollar bills to every man, woman and child in the country.

If that asshole gets the White House, we are all dogs on the damn roof.
Oh, so you were the one yelling. Because you want free shit. Guess what, now I'm yelling. It's OK though. I'm 1/64th Cherokee. I think.