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You know what would be great for Obama and the Democrats to do now?
Introduce a bill rolling back welfare reform so that a stay-at-home mom can receive welfare.

Hey, the Republicans just spent a week ranting about how motherhood is a career. We should take them up on that so poor women can choose that career.
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2. Great Idea. You are correct.

Bill Clinton did the biggest Welfare Reform of all time.. he made the Republicans proud.

No birth control.. no contraception.

But when the babies ARE born into this world.. they can count on no health care, no food, no jobs and no shelter.

Love the Fetus.. hate the children.

Maybe we can send young children to fight in Afghanistan.....
Because it's the government that's responsible for kids, not their parents......or the narcissist or liberal (but that's redundant) that thinks that having sex means not taking any responsibility for consequences.
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3. I love it! Would stop that canard.