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I'm eagerly awaiting the latest volume of Robert Caro's huge biography of Lyndon Johnson, which comes out in a couple of weeks. It was originally intended to be three volumes, but this will be the fourth volume and it only takes us up to the Kennedy assassination.

The three volumes which have come out so far have been well worth the wait. Caro doesn't just tell a life story, he includes so much about what was happening in the world. In the first volume, he tells the life of rural Texas farm women so exhaustively (and exhaustingly), that you really understand how much Johnson's work for rural electrification meant to them. In "Master of the Senate" he spends a lot of time telling you about how the Senate works and what made Johnson such a master manipulator.

It's not a book necessarily for Johnson fans; Caro is very frank about the many things there are NOT to admire about him. It's terrific writing and an epic story.

I saw Caro on Charlie Rose yesterday. Surfing and saw him . I am very much interested in his last book..