I been listening to some good stuff lately. Thought I'd make a few recommendations and others could do the same.

First off:

This is a great soundtrack and not only compliments the movie, but stands on its own. It's produced by T Bone Burnett, same guy who's done other great soundtracks like The Big Lebowski and O Brother, Where Art Thou. Alot of this is folk and Americana music, but there are some good heavier tracks on here from Kid Cudi, The Decemberists, and Taylor Swift of all people(who has two excellent songs on here, one of them with extremely great The Civil Wars). And dovetailing from that is..

Heard this band on the aforementioned Hunger Games soundtrack. They're a string band that happens to be all black. And they're very, very good. Excellent mix of bluegrass, folk, and african music on this.

Anybody got any good suggestions?