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    Liberal WordSmithology ... you know what I mean.

    Lets start with ...

    Fairness - Taking something from somebody whos earned it, and giving it to somebody who hasnt. Or as we used to call it stealing.

    If the govt offers it, its called fairness. If you or I try 're-allocating' property say ... in a grocery or a hardware store, its called ... your under arrest.

    Doesnt the Declaration of Independence mean anything anymore? The bill of Rights? Of course we already know what the left thinks. But whats the matter with these 'Rockefeller Repukes' now?

    I have a few of these 'wordsmith hi-jackings' by the left that sort of bug me to be frank. I will list them here. I bet you have a few too. Go ahead and list them here too.

    I gotta say something (sorry, its my 2nd glass of wine). I just cant take it anymore. Gimme some input here (if you would be so kind).

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    Liberalism is just communism sold by the drink.
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