Lead Story
Apollo 13 returns to Earth, 1970

American Revolution
Colbert launches raid on Fort Carlos, Arkansas, 1783

Ford Mustang debuts at World's Fair, 1964

Civil War
Battle of Plymouth, North Carolina, begins, 1864

Cold War
The Bay of Pigs invasion begins, 1961

A single horsehair uncovers a murderer, 1936

Volcanic eruption kills 80,000, 1815

General Interest
Benjamin Franklin dies, 1790

Yugoslavia surrenders, 1941

Architect of Czechoslovakia's Prague Spring resigns, 1969

Isak Dinesen is born, 1885

Eddie Cochran dies, and Gene Vincent is injured, in a UK car accident, 1960

Old West
Life of Billy the Kid arrives at Library of Congress, 1882

JFK waits for word on the Bay of Pigs invasion, 1961

Mike Schmidt hits four consecutive homers, 1976

Vietnam War
First antiwar protest of the year is conducted, 1972

Cambodia falls to the Khmer Rouge, 1975

World War I
Second Battle of Gaza, 1917

World War II
The Yugoslav army surrenders, 1941

General Henri Giraud makes his great escape, 1942

Americans seize 1,100 tons of uranium, 1945