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Tue Apr 17, 2012, 08:52 AM

It's Looking More And More Like The Recession Was A Deliberate Set Up By GOP

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Hey workers be glad for the $10 an hour job you have just gotten. It's better then no job at all. That's the new meme coming from RW'ingers and the GOP. That is the latest new little ditty coming from the right during this recovery. And I am beginning to believe that the near depression was a set up to wipe out as many higher paying jobs as possible starting in late 2006.

Bush and his team knew that we were losing jobs by mid 2006 but decided to cover it up and ride it out. They wanted to make sure the economy tanked right after November 2008 so the next President would be blamed for the crash. It played both ways, it gave big business the opportunity to dump all these high paid and older employees. They could blame the "economic cycle" for all the carnage.

They could also blow up the deficit even further so they could end Medicaid, Social Security and Medicare as well as dump the entire safety net. They could rail about the deficit spending needed to save the economy if the Democrats were in power. Then they could resist all efforts to recover and allow corporations to bring jobs back at $10 an hour. People would be so desperate that they would be grateful for these jobs.

With the help of the media the GOP could then yell and scream that over regulation was killing good job and stopping prosperity. They could attack the long term unemployed and poor as slackers and leeches trying to bring down the rich. The could then pump the poor for more money for the rich. They could claim that the poor were waging war against "success". That the poor should not vote because they would raise taxes.

Bush and the GOP would put Obama in a box by bailing out the banks, force him to continue because that would be his only option left. And when he did it blame him for the bailing and bonus by stopping needed anti bonus legislation. They were forced to save the banks first because the economy crashed during the election.

And in the process the GOP and it allies could trash Europe as well by all the derivatives they allowed US Banks to fraudulently sell them. We did not need the example of "socialist Europe" for the American public to look to.

When you look at how the GOP is operating now it seems more obvious that they planned the whole thing all along. And the American worker can now look forward to $10 an hour as the "new norm".

And then they could paint the recession was an "Obama recession" that all the jobs were lost on his watch while the recession continued for months into his administration.