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I've carried 50lb bags of calcium chloride

I've swung a hammer

I've sanded a piece of wood

I've turned a wrench

I've shoveled snow

I've cut grass

I've shoveled shit

I delivered bread

I stocked shelves

I've spent nights wearing pain relieving balm and ice packs

I've worked with the flu

I've had shit and piss thrown on me

And I agree with the dignity of work. What's your point?
The last one is the kicker. I've had to deal with some nasty people, but they never did anything like that to me.

I would say the worst thing I've had to deal with is some idiot trying to pick me up after a court hearing in which he's been accused of sexually abusing his daughter. As sick as that is, at least I didn't have to take a shower afterwards, even if I felt like doing so.