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    Photos of fish with sores may raise concern about long-term environmental effects of the massive BP oil spill - but federal health officials say the Gulf seafood that's on the market is safe to eat.

    After all, diseased fish aren't allowed to be sold, said Dr. Robert W. Dickey, who heads the Food and Drug Administration's Gulf Coast Seafood Laboratory.

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    They've been having stories in the news here about the number of dead dolphins washing up around La, presumably the result of the oil spills.

    We met a scientist from the state of Washington area last week at Mote. They were having a big marine mammal conference. She was telling of a seal who had washed up, with part of its head off. It was still alive and a sheriff shot it to put it out of its misery. She said as close as they could figure out, it had been attacked by sharks, very small sharks from the shape of the teeth marks.

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    Mutant sharks with laser beams!!! Obviously!

    I've also been seeing links to stories with all kinds of weird fish and shrimp caught down near the spill. It's certainly not hard to believe.

    What I have a problem with is people (like the DUmmies) running with these stories and basically posting the entire Gulf of Mexico is polluted with oil and mutant shrimp.

    I did see another article in the paper yesterday that Tiger Shrimp were showing up in the Gulf. Now they would be considered an invasive species but hell, they taste great and get huge!!!
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