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    still thumbs up

    those are my shades. she's still kickin' at 86. went to see her at the home today but before i left i realized we had no recent photos. so I ran back inside and grabbed the camera. she had a stroke many years back and as you can see her right hand is dead. and she has speech problems. she went thru the depression, a world war, raised my sis and i and has seen a lot in her life time. we're lucky to still have her. my dad died in 97

    com'on. let's yours !!!!
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    She looks like a very cool, spunky mom. That home looks nice. Does she like it? My mom has been gone since 2001, shortly before 9-11. I doubt if she would have comprehended what happened, but she still loved her baseball. My memory of Mom is her sitting in front of the TV, with her little red STL Cards visor hat on, rooting for her favorite team.

    I'm glad that you took those pics. You'll treasure them. I wish that I had a digital camera way back then. I guess we always think there's time, but sometimes the inevitable comes sooner than we think.

    I'll bet she enjoyed the visit, and she does look very cool with your shades.

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    Good for her!
    May the FORCE be with you!
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    Great pictures! What a Blessing.
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