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As I have said before, I am very afraid for where we are headed. I was an early backer of Herman Cain and still support fine people like Cain and Condoleeza Rice.
I knew when I posted what was honestly on my mind that I would be called a racist and bigot. Small price to pay, I think. The terrible truth is right here in front of us: There is a badly injured man lying in a hospital bed in Mobile. He is there because he is white.

And you know what? I fear there will be more.
I don't think you are a racist because unlike some I remembered your support for Cain , I do think some times better words could be chosen.
Everyone whether they care to admit it or not have tribalism ingrained in them that has the purpose of making them look out for their family a there own so a certain amount of racism is good so to speak.
I have never seen racism in my lifetime more dangerous than the brand of racism our president is exhibiting right now and the entire country is going to pay for how he has set back racial relations.