No charges over 'reverse Trayvon Martin' shooting in Phoenix area

Police have yet to charge a black motorist who shot dead a mentally disabled and unarmed "white Hispanic," Daniel Adkins, in a Taco Bell parking lot near Phoenix earlier this month. The two reportedly exchanged words before the shooting that occurred, according to some accounts, after the motorist almost ran over Adkins who then banged his fist on the car's windshield.

The April 3 shooting by the 22-year-old black man -- whom police in suburban Laveen have yet to identify -- has gotten little if any coverage by the national media. Nor has President Obama weighed in on the case. Is it because Adkins doesn't look like his son?

Whatever the case, the slaying of Adkins -- who was walking his yellow lab on a leash -- has ignited controversy in Arizona, and it has been commanding increasing attention in the blogosphere. Adkins' grieving family says he had the mental capacity of a 12 year old. He lived with his mom and dad.

Local media outlets are describing Adkins as a Hispanic -- yet with an "Anglo" name and light complexion, he easily qualifies as what the national media have called a "white Hispanic" when describing George Zimmerman. Is this why the national media has yet to take an interest in the case?

After Adkins was shot dead, his dog, Lady, stayed by his side, and a representative of the Humane Society was called to take the dog away. Police found no weapon at the scene despite the motorist's claim that Adkins had one.

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I read a story about a white man being attached on his own front porch in retaliation against Zimmerman. A gang of black men beat him so severely, he may not survive. Neither Hispanics nor Caucasians can feel safe and protected so long as Moabama's armies of ignorant thugs rule their neighborhoods ... and black crime receives approval from Eric Holder's Department of Justice.