Lorraine Yapps Cohen
San Diego Conservative Examiner
James Lovelock has retracted his alarmist views on global warming. Noted author of the Gaia hypothesis garnered attention in 1979 with his views on the globe as a self-managing system. He now recants his position that the world is headed for catastrophic change in climate.

According to an MSNBC report, Lovelock admitted, “all right, I made a mistake.” He admits that global warming is not happening as he expected. What did he expect? Along with other alarmists like Al Gore, Lovelock expected rising temperatures to force folks to live in the Arctic, the only place on earth for tolerable temperatures.

His 2006 book entitled “The Revenge of Gaia” postulated catastrophic global warming that, in fact, did not happen. He stoked the global warming histeria with predictions that did not come to pass. He believed the climate models and the IPCC reports, which over-predicted actual temperature rise.

But the picture of catastrophe went a long way to sell books. In the same way that alarmism promotes policies that collect tax from offenders, his book made money from readers wanting to know what was in store for the world.

Lovelock’s dire descriptions fell far short of what happened, but a more realistic depiction of the future “would have spoilt the book.” Good news, after all, does not sell well.

What this says is that there is big money to be made from those invested in global warming. From politicians to scientists to authors to ordinary folks, we can cash in on whatever natural warming exists for our own benefit and point to the other guy as the culprit causing future catastrophe. Nevermind that that's wrong.

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