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    Matthews: Is Palin an Empty 'Vessel,' Like Clarence Thomas?

    You'd think Chris Matthews would learn his lesson. First he insulted Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell as "showcase appointments," only to apologize for it later.

    Then, on Tuesday's "Hardball" he essentially called Sarah Palin an empty "vessel" with no "independent thinking" of her own, just "like a Clarence Thomas."

    [audio excerpt available here] Matthews made the following gaffe during a discussion about Sarah Palin's readiness, on the September 16, "Hardball":

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    People like Matthews never learn, which is why we don't spend any time trying to reason with them. As long as a candidate has an (R) next to their name, the crazy left will unfairly attack them.

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    The left never says such demeaning things Roberts or Alito. They call them evil conservatives, but not that they lack critical thinking.

    Just more evidence that the left hates minorities and don't want them to express any independent thought. Instead of making Justice Thomas a role model, the liberal left in this country has tried to make him a pariah.

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