I'm afraid the GOP has come to a crossroads. It's core leadership no longer represents it's platform. It hasn't for some time now.

On one side you have a few who really believe in the small government cut spending..... types like Sen Mike Lee who I'm starting to admire.....and on the other side you have your big spending big government who change their tune during the election cycle to sound hip.......types like Mitt Romney. I know some find it difficult to separate "conservatism" from the "GOP". But it has never been one in the same and people are starting to come around to that. They are also taking leadership positions locally.

I don't know if any of you are actually engaged in local level politics. but there are fights going on at the local levels in many localities throughout the country in protest of who the GOP is about to nominate for the 2nd time in 4 years. In some states like my own and Missouri, the tea party types have made some headway...taking leadership positions that were currently long held establishment strongholds. In other states like Pennsylvania and many NE states.....not so much. That shouldn't surprise anyone because a NE conservative is the same as a football bat.

I don't think some of you realize what type of massive Exodus is getting ready to happen when Romney is the nominee. Tea Party types and Conservatives are heading for the exit doors. It is shaping up to be even worse than in the 2008 GE. I'm afraid you all are getting ready to witness an ass kicking worse than McCain got in 08'.

I remember back then at my local meetings there were maybe 3-5 people who had come around to this line of thinking and felt similar to myself. Tea party was brand new, and some conservatives were still trying to tell themselves McCain was one of them. I had been around a long time, but most of the mass thought we were being foolish and prideful. This time around....about 30 to 40. I'm talking about in a GOP mass meeting of about 100 to 150 people. That's enough to have major local influence...to make people listen. You really don't see the same tone as before.

One congressman in my state who has never had a serious challenger and in some years never had a challenger at all is in some serious trouble. This time around he has 2 major challenges to his seat. It's a pretty awesome day when a once Conservative poster boy congressman like Goodlatte is now being told by two challengers he is not conservative enough.

The GOP better wake up pretty soon because one of several things is going to happen. Either it will be a defunct party like the Whigs in 2016 because it destroyed it's own conservative base and simply become a parody left leaning "Democrat light party" that it is currently been working toward since 2000. Or just maybe the tea party types will get hold of the reigns by 2016. I haven't been alive long enough to watch a political party commit suicide so this is both exhilarating and maddening at the same time having at one time supported the GOP so strongly.

I think some of you better decide which side you are on after the Big O' is anointed for another 4 more shitty years. The GOP has only itself to blame for this idiot being in office.

In other words: If you think Bush did a bang up great job.....you might not be ready and are part of the problem.