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These freaks of nature are a protected class, so this scumbag will have his own private cell. He will be out of jail in 2 years.
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After reading DU posts for the last few years, I think you are right.:(
Trust me - I have personal experience with this issue. It's disgusting what the left will do to protect these monsters and almost as bad what the government does to protect its self pretending to protect the children. Anyone who works with kids knows all about all of the background checks INNOCENT people have to go through - being presumed guilty until proven innocent. The only pedophiles that are ever stopped by these checks are the ones which have already been caught and released. The state says they do this to protect the children which is total BULLSHIT. If they wanted to protect the kids - when they catch one of these slime balls - they'd either lock them in a deep hole and forget about them - or KILL THEM. Instead - they let them out so they can prey again. Rest assured people - these background checks do not at all protect the kids.