Just wondering, is the choice of a woman's purse regional? When I worked and lived in St Louis, Dooney & Burke and Coach bags seemed to be most popular.

Now that I'm in Florida, I'd estimate at least 70% or higher of the women (at least the ones who live here) carry either a Vera Bradley cloth quilted purse or a knock-off of Vera Bradley. I've noted that with the female volunteers at Mote Marine, at the shopping malls, in restaurants, etc.

It's a different world here. There's an Amish place called Troyer's Dutch Heritage (think they're changing their name soon but I can't begin to figure out why you'd change the name of a virtual institution here). It is an enormous restaurant serving Amish food, what else? They have a large gift shop on the second floor. That seems to be the favorite place for the local women to get the latest edition of the Vera Bradley purse and accessories.

Is there a trend toward a favorite type purse where you live?