I buy my purses at Macys, DSW or Target, for the most part. I have a navy purse I bought at Hudsons (which was bought by Marshall Fields, which was bought by Macys) in the early 90s that I probably paid $50 bucks for and is still in good shape. I've probably gone through 10 pairs of blue shoes since then.

I recently bought a new black purse at Macys because I was getting sick of replacing the ones from Target every year. It was Style & CO and on sale, so I paid $20 for it.

I was looking at The Rack for purses, and I couldn't believe that even on sale, the purses are priced for the most part in the $200 range.

Some of my friends have Coach purses, but they either bought them at the Duty-free shop coming back from Canada or they were gifts from wealthy relatives/husbands. My former supervisor has an awesome yellow Coach bag that I would envy if I had any yellow clothes.