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    I refuse to pay full price for my DirectTV so whenever my current agreement is up and theY bill me for the full 82.00 it's time to make the call. It usually, as it did this time, starts with someone from India who says something almost unintelligible when they answer, I generally make them say "Directv what may I help you with" at least three times or until it at least has some resemblance to English, I then tell them I would like to cancel service, they say why you want to leave, I say better deal at dish network. They say ohhhh I will connect you to someone make better plan or cancel.
    The next person comes on the line, this time American with no accent, they ask why I want to leave, I say way too expensive. Now they always try to sell me a cheaper plan, I say what no Fox news but MSNBC and all the liberal news networks are included, do you discriminate against Conservatives? Silence, I then explain the wonders of dish network, how I can get everything I want for 32.00 cheaper, they say our service is better, I say I can't afford it.
    He says 20.00 per month off, I say no 30.00, he says thirty I say okay is that for two years, he says, how about 30 first year and 20 second year with free movie channels both years. I said sold! Am I the Only one that does this? I've done it 12 years and have as much as cut my bill in half sometimes.
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