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    Quote Originally Posted by Hawkgirl View Post
    I'm a regular user of oregano in my cooking. No prostate CA for me.
    Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;
    Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness;
    Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!
    21 Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes
    And clever in their own sight! Isaiah 5:20-21 NASB

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    Quote Originally Posted by SaintLouieWoman View Post
    I made a red sauce tonight for our beef that had been pre-cut for stir fry. I put quite a bit of the fresh oregano into the mix. It really tasted good. I'll try it dried out in the summer when I forget to water my herbs. The basil pops back quickly, rosemary doesn't need that much water, but the darned oregano always dries out while outside.

    Sounds like you have a really nice variety in your crop. Do you have much of a problem with the cilantro? I've tried it before and found it destroyed by insects so kind of gave up on trying to grow it.
    Not insects, but the heat and dryness causes it to bolt and go to flower rather early in our climate. The good thing is that the few plants I originally planted throw out so many seeds that it spreads every year without much effort. Other than that, I wouldn't bother with it, seeing as how inexpensive it is to purchase at the grocery store.
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