You guessed it, it only shows eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil FOX News!!!

Tue May 1, 2012, 03:40 PM

Local Wendy's just installed a big screen TV!

Today we went to our local Wendy's and lo and behold they have installed a big screen TV. We asked the manager if she would please change the channel and she said that they had tried that and it only shows black on other stations. Faux News there, as big as life. Seven months before a big election and they plunk that thing in the dining room.

I called the operating manager and l let him know that I was upset about the addition and he asked me what I had against *ox News. I let him know that it wasn't news and that we found it offensive. He asked what channel I would like to see and I let him know that I wouldn't direct anyone to a particular station but if they were insistent on showing TV, the weather channel might be as useful as any this time of year.

He said that he would pass the info to the owners and I let him know that we would be back next week and if *ox was still on that would be it for us. Our other peace nic friends were in there and they too were disgusted. If the regulars quit coming maybe it will mean something. This is sad because up until now the restaurant had been a neighborhood gathering place.
Assuming this is true, how pathetic are people that let a Cable news station upset them at a stupid Wendy burger joint???