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  1. #1 Leftists whip up hatred and violence, then blame the police, RW, provocateurs 
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    Liberals doing what liberals with and encourage the most violent among them...socialist, communists, labor union thugs, black bloc, anarchist....because it intimidates and sets gives the impression that the majority of the people are LIBERAL and FOR whatever the current issue is.

    Then when they are's agent provocateur, police or RW provocateurs. They get what they want......VIOLENCE.....and then claim it's NOT THEM.

    Too bad (for them) that the public isn't fooled. It's the leftists who are in the streets causing mayhem and violence and the people know it.


    superpatriotman (119 posts)

    "Black Bloc" Occupiers Turn On Media, Grabbing Cameras

    Occupy Wall Street protesters attacked some photographers covering the May Day protests today in New York, trying to damage or seize their cameras. There are no reported injuries but one photographer was hit in the face, another got in a "tug-of-war" with a protester over her camera, and another had her camera smashed into her face by a protesters, according to those at the scene.
    "The black bloc crowd has been making grabs for cameras," C.S. Muncy, a freelance photographer on assignment for the Village Voice, told BuzzFeed. The "black bloc" is a group of protesters all dressed in black, wearing masks.
    "I had a couple people make grabs for my gear," Muncy said. "They just didn't want their pictures taken."
    "One girl walks up to one of the photogs and nailed him right in the face," Muncy said. "He popped her right back." Muncy said the photographer was Lucas Jackson of Reuters.
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    2. Everybody had to know stuff like this was gonna happen.

    I expect that a lot of it is agents provocateurs, but some of it is no doubt unbalanced punks looking for an excuse to display their general assholery.
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    4. NYPD? NYPD? Wasn't that the police department that arrested innocent folks... order to meet quotas?

    Why, yes it is!
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    8. Smashing cameras? you hold a protest, you want publicity so who would

    want to smash cameras and who would get away with it? Hmmmm...

    When "Black Bloc" starts using their pepper spray and police batons on the protestors and cameras we will have our answer.

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    Occupy Cleveland canceled May Day protest plans to march in the city because of this:

    5 anarchists nabbed in plot to blow up Ohio bridge

    Occupy Cleveland canceled May Day protest plans to march in the city and hang signs after “we awoke to the news of the arrests,” coordinator Johnny Peskar, 22, told

    “We don’t need any implications in this nonsense,” Peskar said.

    Occupy organizers had seen a few in the plot hanging around earlier events, but their actions were “autonomous,” he said.

    This is a shame they couldn't go forward. They aren't about this.
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    1. SF, Seattle and Cleveland

    Looks like a concerted effort by certain parties to seriously fuck with the movement.
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    3. just like the 60's

    watch for agent provocateurs... remember Eric the Red?
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    7. Manipulated storylines - just like VVAW was infiltrated by RW agents in the 60s to discredit

    Vietnam Vets Against the War. Just like Poppy Bush had the DiGiulio brothers burning flags in cities he was scheduled to appear for his campaign in 88. Just like O'Keefe-Breitbart operations. They ALWAYS show up when a movement or campaign from the left shows signs of success.
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    8. It seems that Occupy is more vulnerable than those movements. But we have to remember how long those

    Movements sustained themselves in spite of all the dirty tricks being played. I wish ACORN had not gone away in the face of what O'Keefe did. They had been around for so many years and their loss is keenly felt. Occupy will have to get more organized somehow to counter, right now things seem chaotic.

    Report of threatening letters sent to bank executives with powder...

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    ... which was revealed to be corn starch.

    NYPD claims link to Occupy. On FOX now so take it how you like it...

    edit - No link on

    Found a story from CBS...

    NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Envelopes containing white powder turned up at multiple banks in Manhattan on Monday, police told 1010 WINS.

    Five of the envelopes were sent to Wells Fargo banks, one was sent to JP Morgan Chase headquarters and another was sent to Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Office and ended up in a mailroom on Gold Street.

    The powder was determined to be cornstarch, police said.


    The envelopes also contained notes that were nearly identical, containing references to “May Day,” which falls on May 1 and is a traditional rally day for labor movements.

    The notes also included statements such as “You have 10 seconds to stop working,” “You are not in control” and “ the banks.”

    Occupy Wall Street is planning a big demonstration Tuesday in New York City, urging followers to block traffic at bridges and tunnels to make it hard for people to get to work.

    That has the NYPD suspecting that there may be an Occupy Wall Street connection to the letters.
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    1. If any of this is true,

    then Fox sent out the letters to invent another "news" story.
    Initech (31,742 posts) P
    6. You might want to turn off the tin foil hat there...

    But it wouldn't surprise me in the least if it were true.
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    3. It's a shame if it's true...

    unfortunately, this was used as a pr stunt by the right in 2004.
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    5. couple of thought on that

    1. baby powder? really guys. The Shrubco used real stuff. If you can.t make a real threat, then make none.

    2 rightwingers losing houses too so don't count the mom's basement crowd out. This is the kind of crap they do.

    3. again it could be bullshit to allow the nypd to be fuckfully harsh on protesters.

    4. seems like they figured out what it was awfully quick. Kind of like the speed in which they discovered the identities of the 911 hijackers eh?

    G. whoever and fornwhat reason therenis one thing for sure-there will be more and more of this kind of shit. They have left many of us with no way to survive. Things will escalate in this country if the people get no relief.
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    Well I'll be!!! The Occutards are turning violent and the DUmmies are blaming everyone but the guilty scum!

    Imagine that!!!!
    May the FORCE be with you!
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    Well there weren't many people at these gatherings to begin with. If all of the troublemakers were right wing plants (I don't know how to spell provocateur) then that means about 3 true OWS people showed up.
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    Actually, I think the situation is more complicated.

    The Occutards and illegal aliens decided to call a huge march May 1--and in LA it was mostly illegals screaming about amnesty.

    Anyway, Oblahblah has now decided that Occutards are an embarrassment so what does he do?

    First, he plans a big PR/election event in Afghanistan, where he puffs his chest over Seal Team Six's victory and has some kind of bogus signing ceremony with Karzai, who is so corrupt that his signature on that thing means nothing. The REAL goal was to control the news cycle, which Oblahblah did. Otherwise, the Occutards would have been front and center on all the cable channels all day. This way, he squelched what real liberalism looks like by putting on a dog and pony show. I'll bet the Occutards are pissed about that. If they don't make TV all day with their wildly diffuse message, then they've lost the battle. Oblahblah trumped them, not for our benefit, but for his own.

    Second, I believe the White House has made sure to put its spies in the movement. We know that the FBI was involved, teaching a bunch of silly anarchists how to make bombs in Ohio. I'm betting there's a lot more FBI and other police types in there (maybe even Blackwater/Xe) and their goal is to bring out the naturally violent elements which were kept somewhat under control last fall (except in Oakland, which was full of vandals and violence.) That way, Occupy looks like the nut bags they really are, instead of that "peace and love and income redistribution" crap that they spew on NPR.

    Oblahblah may have benefitted by Occupy originally, but the movement is going off the rails, which is why I believe the WH, DHS and the cops cooperated last fall to remove the pot smoking, pooping tards before winter set in. They could have let the silly bastards freeze their asses off (except in LA) but they were afraid that there was enough pot to keep some of them numbly sleeping in the parks all winter. Occupy is now re-emerging and Oblahblah DOESN'T want them ruining his image in an election year. It was cool when they were embarrassing the GOP during the primaries, but it's a different game now. Think Cindy Sheehan, whom the Democrats loved when she was embarrassing George Bush, but whom they turned against when she criticized Oblahblah. Occupy has the same trajectory.

    Oblahblah's people are evil and fucking smart. Their goal is to make this movement appear as violent and as removed from the Democratic party as possible so that Oblahblah doesn't get smeared by the poopsters. What they don't want to do is to move "peaceful" protestors (which might make mainstream Democrats angry). But if the protestors are violent, bombing bridges and vandalizing businesses, then even the mainstream Dems will cry out for the police.

    In some ways, I feel sorry for the Occutards because they are so stupid. Obama won't save them. He wants to bring them down. Like EVERYONE else connected to Oblahblah, Occupy will end up under the bus.

    Now the illegals, on the other hand, that's another story. They marched yesterday in downtown LA and blocked traffic, which is a mortal sin in LA. They're NOT going away. They've been marching here for years, pulling their kids out of school, and flooding downtown. They'll be back. Maybe Oblahblah will promise them amnesty.
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