SACRAMENTO — Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Tuesday rejected the budget sent to him hours earlier by the Legislature, criticizing it for failing to meet his reform demands and solve California's persistent fiscal problems.

The announcement marked the first time in modern history that a California governor would veto a state spending plan. It set in motion a historic showdown with the Democratically controlled Legislature, which has said it is prepared to override the governor's pending veto.

Schwarzenegger's announcement that he will veto the budget came after a record-long stalemate that forced the state to delay billions of dollars in payments to schools, medical clinics, daycare centers and state vendors. Lawmakers finally cobbled together a patchwork spending plan on the 78th day after the start of the fiscal year, passing a $143 billion budget shortly after 2 a.m. Tuesday.

He called the budget irresponsible and said the reforms it contained were phony.

"I say enough is enough," Schwarzenegger said. "California has been put through this roller coaster ride too many times."

The budget deal generated just enough Republican support to reach the two-thirds threshold needed for approval. Its main feature requires Californians to pay their income taxes sooner, a maneuver designed to close a $15.2 billion deficit without borrowing or imposing new taxes.

Arnie has been pissing off a lot of the conservative folks out here, but I do stand behind him on the budget veto. I'm glad he had the balls to tell those liberals what he will do if they override his veto. Californians are taxed every way you can imagine. :mad: The liberals have put this state so far into the hole with their reckless spending and their bullsh*t social programs (especially for illegal aliens). At this point, I don't care if he has to cut funding for education.

See what happens when you let the liberals run your government...everything goes down the crapper FAST.