I have been reading threads and posts here at CU for a good while and found them interesting, informative, helpful, and encouraging and I wanted to become a member here at CU. Thanks for having me, I appreciate the opportunity to spend time with my fellow Conservatives and learn from them.

I would describe myself as a dedicated Christian Conservative Family man that loves my country America, the Conservative Movement, the United States Military, and good Conservative family people everywhere.

I have a good sense of humor and stay at all times very optimistic about the future of America and the Conservative Movement, and I admire greatly the fighting spirit of such organizations as the United States Marine Corps, America's Special Operations Military Units, and even the National Football League ...at least they get in the arena and fight, which is more than can be said for many of our citizens .... "Only the dead have seen an end to war." /grin

My favorite magazines are National Review, the American Spectator, Imprimis, and The Claremont Review Of Books. I enjoy some of Victor Davis Hanson's stuff. I have just re-read Mark Steyn's "America Alone" and his "Lights Out: Islam, Free Speech And The Twilight Of The West." I enjoyed reading Samuel P. Huntington's "The Clash Of Civilization And The Remaking Of World Order."

I have no use for Liberalism, Multiculturalism, Feminism, Radical Equalitarianism, Diversity-Worshipers, Moral Relativism, and Cultural Relativism. I agree with the man that said, "Politics is war by another name." :-)

Cheers ...