The names wibbins, I'd like to think of myself as a Constitutional Conservative, I believe that our Creator, gave us these Right's and that they do NOT come from government. I believe that S.S is a ponzi scheme, I believe that welfare keeps people dependent, I believe that nothing is too big to fail[even God's right hand man was kicked out of heaven].

There's much more, but I would like to say that I used to watch jon stewart and believe all the crap he spouted. My dad tells me he hates hypocrites[read: conservatives and repubs], the only problem is that liberals don't have any moral code. If a republican cheats it's "OMG HYPOCRITE, HE CAN"T BE PRESIDENT", if a liberal cheats it's "WOOHOO, YOU GO BILL, GO AHEAD AND LIE TO CONGRESS WOOOOO"

Ahem, sorry got a little sidetracked. That's all for now, hope to stomp on the misinformation that the liberal's spout off as truth with you all.