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  1. #1 1 in 2 new graduates are jobless or underemployed 
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    1 in 2 new graduates are jobless or underemployed [View all]
    Source: AP-Excite


    WASHINGTON (AP) - The college class of 2012 is in for a rude welcome to the world of work.

    A weak labor market already has left half of young college graduates either jobless or underemployed in positions that don't fully use their skills and knowledge.

    Young adults with bachelor's degrees are increasingly scraping by in lower-wage jobs - waiter or waitress, bartender, retail clerk or receptionist, for example - and that's confounding their hopes a degree would pay off despite higher tuition and mounting student loans.

    An analysis of government data conducted for The Associated Press lays bare the highly uneven prospects for holders of bachelor's degrees.

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    DAMN you obama!!! (if it was a republican pres he would had been crucified)

    71. The RW meme machines are working hard tonight in this thread. nt
    Lets just paint some happy clouds over at the sunshine and lollipop land
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    I've hired a lot of junior positions this last year. Speaking personally as a hirer, as long as the applicant has a Bachelor's, I don't really care what it is as long as its not something really dumb/narrow. I do care about their ability to impress me on the tests/interview material. I think the main problem with college is that the students don't realize it's not about the piece of paper, it's about what you learn and how you can apply those lessons.
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    1 out of 2. To quote some DUmmy from last week, that would be almost 50%.
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