John Edwards' daughter leaves courtroom crying


She testified that Elizabeth Edwards had known about her husband's affair with Rielle Hunter before The National Enquirer made it public in October 2007. Hers was the most stirring testimony of the day at Edwards' trial on corruption charges, as prosecutors worked to build a timeline of the affair and efforts to cover it up.

Shortly before Reynolds began her account of what happened that day at the Raleigh airport, Edwards turned to his daughter Cate, who has been seated in the front row for much of her father's trial.

"I don't know what's coming," Edwards was heard saying. "Do you want to leave?"

She responded to him in a whisper, grabbed her purse and walked out, wiping away tears. Edwards was heard saying, "Cate, Cate" as she left. She returned to court about a half hour later, after a brief recess.


Feel really sorry for her.

God what an asswipe!

7. ya. so, when we decide it is just consenting adults, maybe we ought to consider all the loved ones

being hurt.

i really have little patience for this.
IF he had not cheated on his wife and family the family would not be going thru this.

Nye Bevan
21. He really is a shit. Doing that to his wife,

now putting his kids through this. He could have plea-bargained and spared his daughter this ordeal.
33. Edwards is not putting his kids through this. The prosecutor is putting Edwards'

kids through this. And why should he plea-bargain if he feels he did nothing wrong and is innocent?

A plea-bargain could be worse for his family than this trial.
NO asswipe...the prosecutor is not putting his kids thru this......